About - DIVE India Explorer
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At DIVEIndia Explorer we have a strong passion for developing divers who are self reliant and confident. Our programs are designed with the knowledge and experience from 14 years of teaching scuba diving. DIVEIndia Explorer are for those people who do not want to compromise, and are ready to work that extra to explore the magnificent under water world. We will give you more time in the water to let you explore your limits. If you are looking for a holiday filled with adventure and challenges, you are at the right place. If you do your certification with us, you will have to earn it.


Vikas came to Havelock for the first time in 2007, before that he had been a scuba diver instructor in Goa since 2002. He came on holiday and was suppose to go home within a month. A dive at South Button, just watching the diversity of the marine life on one single rock, made him stay back. During all these years of teaching scuba diving in the Andamans he is still finding new things and he loves sharing this anyone who wants to learn.  He is also a passionate under water photographer and wild life observer. His favorite subjects are macro life.


Gunnhild came to Havelock to do her divemaster training with DIVEIndia in 2014. Two years later she quit her job as communication advisor in the Norwegian Parliament to spend more time doing what she love, scuba dive and under water photography.


In 2016 they decided to start DIVEIndia Explorer together.