Learn Underwater Photography India | Under Water Photography Course | Andaman & Havelock Island
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Underwater photography



Imagine standing on one foot on your toes, holding a camera while strong wind is coming in from one side pushing you over. That is about how it can be to do underwater photography.


In this program you will learn how to shoot magical photos, despite all the challenges. We will give you time to overcome the challenges of underwater photography, to learn how to control the lights, shooting the wildlife, and buoyancy control. Dives will be conducted in shallow water which gives you more time to learn underwater.


It will be one to one training. You will achieve understanding about underwater composition and color correction. We will also introduce you to basic knowledge of editing on adobe software.

Duration: 2 Days
Cost: INR 25,000

Course Includes


  • Certified as PADI photography diver
  • 4 dives
  • Gear used will be either compact or mirrorless camera, DSLR camera or the camcorder.
  • Full underwater equipment with lights and strobes.
  • Macro and wide angle lens photography
  • Editing workshop on Photoshop/light room/adobe premiere pro software’s.
  • One to one training

Pre requisites:

 You have to be certified as open water diver. Good buoyancy control is needed to do underwater photography. If you feel you need to work on your buoyancy, we recommend you to do a buoyancy course with us before starting your under water photography/videography course. 

You have to be in reasonably good health, for more details refer to the medical form (link to medical form), if any of your answers is yes on this form or you have doubt, please check with your doctor.

We ask you to finish all the segment and exam of the PADI eLearning module before you come. In that way you avoid spending one extra day sitting inside a classroom watching videos and reading curriculum on your holiday.