Level 3: PADI Master Freediver - DIVE India Explorer
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Level 3: PADI Master Freediver : Coming soon


The discoveries of the depth and time of the ocean is only limited by your will to explore it. Freediving is about working of mind and body together.  It’s about discovering oneself. Unlike scuba diving which can be noisy with the sound of the bubbles, freediving is where you can feel the beat of your heart and hear the sound of the ocean. Freediving is also a performance sport. It is about depth, distance and time. All on a single breath. How far can you go?

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Pre requisites:

Certified PADI Advanced Freediver. You have to be in good physical health. For more details refer to the medical form (link to medical form), if any of your answers is yes on this form or you have doubt, please check with your doctor.

We ask you to finish all the segment and exam of the PADI eLearning module before you come. In that way you avoid spending one extra day sitting inside a classroom watching videos and reading curriculum on your holiday.